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Friday, 8 December 2017

What does "Jihad" really mean?

Hear the definitive explanation from the horse's, camel's mouth and by using the metaphor of "camel" I mean no undue disrespect, since the Sheik himself compares Islam to a Camel and Jihad to the Camel's highest hump. 

I have taken the introduction, the video and the transcript from the Middle East Media Research Institute's site. In my opinion they do outstanding work and whenever I use one of their videos I do make a donation. This is their Clip No. 6302. 

"On November 7, Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Saalim Bin Sa'd At-Taweel published a lecture on his official YouTube channel explaining the concept of Jihad. Sheikh At-Taweel said that while "Jihad" has different meanings, "Jihad for the sake of Allah" means fighting infidels in order to spread Islam. He further explained that slavery is part of Islam and said that Muslims should not try to deny this. In fact, he said, slavery is "one of the virtues of Islam" because it provides infidels with an opportunity to become Muslims and avoid the Hellfire. Over the past decade, Sheikh At-Taweel has made several visits to the United States and was guest lecturer in mosques in Worcester, Massachusetts, Modesto, California, and New York, and elsewhere. In 2016, he participated in the 3rd Annual U.K. National Knowledge Conference.

I'm sure the good Sheik does not mean to be funny when he says:

 "...If Islam were a camel, Jihad for the sake of Allah would be the top of its hump..."

...but I had to giggle nevertheless and made a quick note to myself that "doing the jihad" does not necessarily mean "humping" ...


Saalim Bin Sa'd At-Taweel: 

When we speak about Jihad for the sake of Allah, we mean fighting for the sake of Allah. The word "Jihad" has other meanings apart from "fighting." "Fighting" is only one of the meanings of the word "Jihad," but "Jihad for the sake of Allah" refers to "fighting."


Indeed, (Jihad) is the pinnacle of Islam. If Islam were a camel, Jihad for the sake of Allah would be the top of its hump. The Prophet Muhammad called it the pinnacle of Islam. It is undoubtedly among the best forms of worship. It involves the sacrifice of one's soul and one's money, and great effort merits great reward.


Yes, there is defensive Jihad and offensive Jihad. Defensive Jihad means defending yourself. When you need to defend yourself, you do not need a fatwa. When you are attacked, you are allowed to defend yourself any way you can. Waging offensive Jihad means attacking the infidels in order to conquer their countries and bring them into the fold of Islam. If they refuse to convert to Islam, they are commanded to pay the jizya poll tax, and if they refuse to pay the jizya, they are killed. This is called "offensive Jihad."


Indeed, the greatest goal of Jihad for the sake of Allah is to instate monotheism, "until religion belongs to Allah alone," or "until religion belongs to Allah," according to another verse. "Fight them until there is no more fitna" - which means polytheism - "until religion belongs to Allah alone," or in other words, until people adhere to monotheism and believe in Allah alone. This is a clear and unambiguous verse in the Quran. According to the Sunna, as it appears in the two Sahih compilations, the Prophet Muhammad said: "I was ordered to fight the people." Why? He said: "until they attest that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His prophet, and they establish prayer, and pay the zakkat."


The reason we fight is in order to spread Islam. Let's say there is someone who prevents you from spreading Islam to all the infidels, all people on Earth, who were created by Allah so that they could worship Him. You want to spread your religion both to jinns and to people. If somebody is preventing you from doing so, you may fight him, so that you can spread Islam.


We do not do this in order to take the money of (the infidels), in order to expand the Muslim lands, or in order to gain control over them... No. We fight them so that they will become Muslims.


One of the virtues of Islam is that the women and children (of the enemy) are not killed. They are taken as slaves, and they are treated well. They are called upon to convert to Islam. How many Muslim ulema were white slaves, who were put to use by Allah as Islamic scholars. If they had died as infidels, they would have been condemned to eternal Hellfire. Instead, they were taken captive. The Prophet Muhammad took a Jewish woman and married her, and she became the Mother of the Believers. Imagine that! She had been Jewish before. Had she died believing in her distorted Judaism, she would have gone to Hell. Instead, she was taken captive, and she was found to be the most suitable woman for the Prophet Muhammad.


So this is one of the virtues of Islam, but some people are trying to shrug it off, and say: "There is no slavery in Islam." How can you say this? It is in the Quran.


What is it with  political "leaders" like Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, David Cameron, Theresa May, Bush, Clinton, Obama etc.   that they will not believe Muslims, when they speak the truth? It can't be "Raaaaaaacism", can it, since Islam is not a race....but it sure looks to me like some very deep seated contempt for Mohamed's followers. 


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Jerusalem - The Capital of Israel

To be precise, the President of the United States, Donald Trump has today not announced the capital of Israel, but simply  recognised the right of the people of Israel to determine their own seat of government. 

Jerusalem has been the capital city of the Jewish people for more than 3,000 years, 69 of which the city has been the capital of the liberal-democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel.

A message to "The Guardian", a modern-day kind of "Der Stürmer", delivered some time ago by HonestReporting  much more nicely than I would be inclined to do: 

WHATS THAT ? An election promise ?


An election promise kept ?

An election promise kept, something so rare that not even  I can find an appropriate metaphor for it...so I give the floor to Bibi and his thank you message: 

Someone posted on line  that this decent and courageous act by President Trump had brought the Jew Haters out of the wood works. I have always thought there are so many out in the open already, that there can hardly be any left in hiding......

Paul Joseph Watson gives us some of those haters. Looking at this list of seven,  I see  seven  reasons why President Trump decision to move the American Embassy to the Capital of Israel could only be the right one: 

You may add to those the pathologically islamophile Pope Francis who doesn't seem to like Catholics very  much, let alone Jews.

Joining him are Merkel's toyboys (will they claim the Nürnberg Defence when the time comes?) her own tubby (socialist) foreign minister and Macron the President of France who owes so much to the Muslim Brotherhood, not least of all his exalted position. I wonder: can the condemnation from her other obedient little servant, Zuckerberg from Face book be far behind ? ......

No-body's toyboys are these  two of my favourite Australian political commentators, authors and self-identified "Outsiders": Andrew Bolt and the deliciously erudite Rowan Dean, editor of the OZ Spectator magazine: 

Recently, I posted about an Imam I "could" respect. Take away the "conditional" in that sentence and read:  An Imam that I "do "respect. This is what he had to say about the matter: 

As I go along, I will add some comments that I find interesting and/or funny, and you might too: This one was a  little exchange on the VladTepes blog:

I cringe every time I hear that line about Jerusalem being the birthplace of the “three great religions”. Judaism and Christianity happened all over the Galilee but Islam is from Mecca and Medina, not Jerusalem. Initially, Muhammad had the Muslims praying in the direction of Jerusalem but when the Jews failed to join his religion he changed the praying direction from Jerusalem to Mecca. The only reason it had been Jerusalem is because Muhammad wanted the Jews to join him, but his love turned to hate when they “betrayed” him by not converting to his religion, which the Jews found laughable…
Muslims lie freely and it catches us off guard. We’re not used to proper upper class educated people simply lying about things that can be easily disproven, but Believers do it all the time and us Infidels just can’t seem to figure it out. The Muslims conquered Jerusalem and built a mosque on the Jews’ most holy site, not out of devotion, but out of hatred and spite. There is not one shred of truth to the “birthplace of the three great religions” meme. Is Paris the birthplace of Naziism just because Hitler invaded France?

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

AfD: The Last Hope for Germany, Beatrix von Storch

Last weekend the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) held their 8th Party Congress in Hannover. 

Beatrix von Storch, MP, is one of my favourite AfP members. As always, she takes no prisoners and packs quite a few punches into even short speeches, like this one:

"Islam belongs as little to Germany as Merkel belongs in the Chancellery"

I like Beatrix von Storch for her courage, her direct speech but also for her wicked sense of humour. In this little speech she puts forward her candidature for a position in the leader team and so has to go through some routine questions. The first one of those is if she had a clean Police Record. In answering that, no, because she had been a member of the FdP (Free Democrat Party) for 2 years, she quite confuses the poor - seemingly very comme il faut questioner who takes some time to realise she is teasing him.

And yes, she got the vote and is in the leadership team which proves to me yet again, that the AfD is as good as any political party in Germany gets.

More to follow on this 
and the present political situation in Germany

Geert Wilders BANNED From Entering Belgian No-Go Zone

"Geert Wilders was banned from entering no-go zone, muslim enclave Sint-Jans Molenbeek in Brussels. Molenbeek is a Muslim neighbourhood and a breeding place of radical Islam. Many terrorists in Europe came from Molenbeek, such as Salah Abdeslam who was one of the Paris attackers. Geert Wilders and Philip de Winter were refused to enter Molenbeek, because the municipality could not guarantee their safety and though that going there would be an act of provocation. The freedom of expression therefore no longer exists in Molenbeek. The neighbourhood has become an ideological enclave." writes Paul Nielsen. 

After my all-time favourite Dutch hero, my all-time favourite Belgian,  Jacques Brel: 


Saturday, 2 December 2017

It's Sunday, it's Music Time

These are the sounds of my Bavarian childhood.....up to about minute 3.00. What comes after that could be a metaphor for what is happening to my old country now......except that, in that new reality, the girls are not laughing......


And I wish those who celebrate it, a happy 1st Advent

Merkel & Macron's Coup de Grace for Germany

"And so it starts: at the EU-Africa summit Merkel decides relocation from Libya..."

...writes Tino Perlick from Compact Online in an article published on 30. November 2017

"Alarm: Has Germany's fate just been sealed on the Ivory Coast? The large resettlement policy had been announced in the CDU election program. At the summit in Abidjan Merkel  apparently made short shrift of it.

The initial laughter when reading these lines quickly gets stuck in your throat. Welt Online writes today under the heading of Merkel's spontaneous refugee deal for Libya:

"Shocked by a TV report on slave trafficking in migrants, Europeans and Africans decide on an action plan. In charge: the Chancellor and French President Emmanuel Macron."

"Slave trade? Yes exactly! About a week ago, the US (fake) news channel CNN  (*) published a mobile video purportedly showing a "slave auction" in Libya. Anyone who has debts to smugglers is apparently being auctioned there. The Chancellor is of course shocked!

"This topic is now playing a major role here on the African continent (...), because there are reports that young African men are being sold as slaves in Libya," Chancellor Angela Merkel said. (...)

The host, Côte d'Ivoire's President Alassane Ouattara said that more needed to be done. The reports reminded one of the worst hours of humanity. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced more European aid for Africa. (...)

The subject of slave trade is of great emotional importance to Africans, Merkel said. "This results in a shared interest in ending illegal migration." Legal opportunities must be created for Africans to get an education or study in the EU . (my bolds)

COMPACT reported in August that Merkel was planning a permanent resettlement or "resettlement for especially vulnerable people", including from Libya. It was also noted in the CDU government program that "resettlement and relocation" of migrants was part of the CDU's "humanitarian commitment" for the next 4 years.

Under Merkel and Macron's leadership, Europe has now apparently tied down the refugee pact with Libya.

A so-called action plan is said to have been worked out in a meeting that, according to Welt.de, "does not appear in any official time schedule [...] and was not even planned by the Chancellery in advance: the meeting will last only an hour or so and could have consequences that go far beyond the actual summit decisions. "

Typical for Merkel - even while she is now only  acting in the office (of chancellor), she tries to inflict maximum damage.


The plan, broadly confirmed by German government circles , looks like this:

The government in Libya grants international organizations access to all camps - currently this is not possible. There, employees of the UN Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are to determine by questioning and checking who is a political refugee and who has left their home for economic reasons.

The UN Refugee Agency and IOM are transnational institutions for People Replacements. In a propaganda film, made in May 2017,  the IOM promotes mass migration of 240 million people. This, they assert, was "inevitable", "necessary" and "desirable"!

Not for a second, should anyone believe that these organizations are about containing flight movements.


Those accepted as refugees will first be flown from Libya to neighbouring Chad or Niger, to be taken from there in a "settlement procedure" to European or non-European countries "that are ready to receive them", as is stated in Welt.de

Germany, of course, will play her part at the very front. After all, the Federal Foreign Office recently criticized the situation in Libyan refugee camps as "concentration camp-like conditions". We have to help, even if it kills us.

Ever since Islamists, under the protection of NATO , pushed a bayonet in the behind of Gaddafi, Libya has been the failed state par excellence - a gathering place for terrorists and warlords. We will soon pay the ticket to Europe for  those among them who are not acting too stupidly. " 


So far  the article from Compact, a German conservative political Magazin I highly recommend. They do have the finger on the real pulse, love Germany and are not afraid to tell the truth. This is an unpaid advertisment for a battling German non-fake-news-magazin to which I have a paid subscription.

(*) And here a little speculative reflection regarding the timing of that soi-disant CNN documentary on Slavery in Lybia: 

*thinking aloud method on*

I have seen a French documentary (from an alternative news site, the link to which I cannot find at the moment unfortunately) which already reported on this Lybian Slave Trade many months ago. It was not taken up by the main media. 

Although I have no confidence at all in the "news reporting" from CNN, I have no proof to discredit their "documentary on slave trade in Lybia", but I feel strongly compelled to question  the TIMING of its release: Was it "preparing" the way for Merkel and Macron to give the coup de grace to Europe? Did last Friday's "private and secret-until-it-was-leaked" visit of Obama to Macron have anything to do with it? .... 

After such, purely speculative reflections, should I now cover my head with an tinfoil hat ? 

*thinking aloud method off*

"Acting" German Chancellor Angela Merkel schmusing Africa and putting Germany up for Sale

What song to play after that ?!  This one is schmaltzy, the illustrations are on the corny side and its relevance to the story above is not even tangential...."So why play it" you ask? Because I  love it and I can :) ;)



Germany: On unlimited Family Reunions and Slavemarkets

Here below is the letterhead (if that is the word) for the Internet site of Dr. Nicolaus Fest, Spokesman for the Alternative for Germany in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. There are quite a number of AfD members who impress me, Nicolaus Fest belongs to them. On his site he presents himself, without false modesty as 

Clear,  Courageous,  Civil. 
For Berlin. For Germany.

and clear, courageous and "bürgerlich" (*) is how I would describe his videos. I very much like his nearly laconic yet take-no-prisoner style and am surprised that, in the present  Stasi-Spangled, censorious Germany he gets away with some of the truths he tells. 

In this video Dr. Fest reacts to the plan of Merkel and whoever will form the next government  with her (probably the Socialists)  for family-reunions without upper limit on top of the disastrous uncontrolled borders policy "this 2nd worst chancellor in Germany's history" as some  call her,  has inaugurated in September 2015. 

(*) The translation of "bürgerlich" into "civil" does not do the word justice. If "bourgeois" would not have been poisoned  with such a negative connotation, that's how I would translate "bürgerlich". 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Antisemitism vs "Islamophobia" in Germany

At last someone is really lifting the burka on that overused propaganda term "Islamophobia". 

Wikipedia presents the speaker in the video  like this: 

"Henryk Marcin Broder is a, Polish-born German journalist, book author and TV personality. Broder is known for polemics, columns and comments in written and audiovisual media."

I find him one of the most brilliant, witty and courageous commentators in today's Germany. He is Jewish. 

I cannot find the provenance of this video which seems to be the Question and Answer session of a forum,  but think that however "old" it is, it remains valid today and like so many things, Henryk Broder says, it is  quite timeless. 

This video seems to have been recorded before 2015 when Angela Merkel, without the approval of the German Bundestag, let alone the German people, and against German and European laws, opened the borders for millions of  mainly male muslims to flood Europe in general with Germany  the most desired destination.  Was she applying for the position of a "born-again mother Theresa"? We will not know the truth while former Stasi members are in power in Germany. 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Justice for Nikki Hurst & a tweet of the POTUS

A letter from Tommy Robinson from Rebel Media UK

In the early morning hours of October 31st, Nikki Hurst was walking in Batley, UK, when three Muslim men approached her and asked for a light. When she told them she didn’t have one, they launched into a tirade of verbal abuse, calling her a “gori slag” – a derogatory name often used by Muslims for white girls.

The three men then grabbed Nikki, smashed her face into a stone wall, and ran away. She regained consciousness alone, some 30 minutes later, with a large wound on her forehead. She suffered serious facial injuries that have left permanent scars.

But despite this all happening one month ago, Nikki says the police have still not taken her statement. Desperate for justice, Nikki posted photographs of her injuries on line – only for the police to advise her that she could potentially incite riots by publishing her story.

Batley’s Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf doesn’t appear to be planning to investigate this racist attack. Nikki knows the assailants go to a local school, and she can even tell the police what class they are in thanks to their school uniforms. But still, nothing has been done.

We demand justice. Tell Batley Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf that we want justice for Nikki, by signing our petition now.

Then we’ll go back to Batley, with Nikki, and personally deliver your signatures to Inspector Rauf. And we won’t stop fighting until these racist attackers are brought to justice.

Thank you,
Tommy Robinson

Please SIGN OUR PETITION: http://www.JusticeForNikki.com

I wonder if the more than disappointing British PM, Theresa May, cares at all ? 

Like the execrable German Chancellor and Islamophile, Angela Merkel, Theresa May too had a  father who  was a protestant clergyman - what is it  with the daughters of protestant churchmen, they seem even more submissive to Islam than the present Pope. Today, this fading English Rose was busy attacking President Donald Trump who had  re-tweeted some videos of muslims a) murdering a gay teenager by throwing him off a high building, b) destroying the statue of the Virgin Mary  and c) some "immigrant/refugee" beating up a Dutch boy on crutches. 

President Donald Trump had the whole Permanently-Outraged- Moral-Signalling Fake Media and the rest of the conformist herd  foaming at the mouth with this absolutely delectable response - on Twitter, of course: 

Touché, Mr. President, Touché !!!