Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016

Nice France: Post Mortem Conversion of Christians

The bodies had not yet been removed from the Promenade des Anglais in Nice and already the mantra-like bleating started: 

"...The FIRST victim was a Muslim woman !!!..." 

The Left Politicians/Media and assorted propagandists for the islamisation of the West soon joined the chorus of victim-bragging with the increasing  assertion that...

  "...MOST victims were muslims..."

After  the following story, extracted  from TV Libertés' News Bulletin of 25. 7. 2016 I dare say that we are advancing fast towards the  official conclusion: ...

 "ALL victims were muslims!"

I was aware of  Sharia-approved (halal)  necrophilia, but this ^^^ is the first I have heard of a post-mortem Conversion.......the things they do to increase the numbers in order  to claim the top spot on the Victimhood ladder...hmmm.... it's only out of respect for the many dead, that I will not add what I'm tempted to say.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Dead of France are watching YOU !

Gilbert Collard  (*) is a prominent member of the Rassemblement Bleu Marine (RBM), a political association and think-tank open to French citizens from all political horizons who support Marine Le Pen, distinct from her Front National (FN) political party. Collard has been an MP since June 2012. He was elected to the Assemblée Nationale at the same time as Marion Maréchal-Le Pen,  a member of the FN and the niece of Marine LePen.

In the wake of the Bastille Day massacre in Nice, during the night from the 19 to the 20 July 2016, a debate took place in the National Assembly about extending the State of Emergency in France. 

In the short video below, you see an extract of the speech by Gilbert Collard, as he railed against the socialist Hollande/Valls/Cazeneuve government.

Thanks go to Vlad  for his work on this video. 

The extension of the state of emergency for a further  six months was finally passed by the National Assembly (489 votes for, 26 against).  

Cynics and those who are entitled to be cynical say that this State of Emergency will now be maintained up to  the Presidential Elections in 2017 so as to better control the conservative French people  and  prevent patriots  from expressing dissent against  this socialist Government which seems to be very much in the pockets of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 


(*) This first paragraph is a correction of the original article,  added after the subtitling of the video which describes Gilbert Collard erroneously as a "Member of Le Front National". 


Friday, 22 July 2016

Nice France - The little Prince and the Truck :(

h/t Riposte Laique and Vlad who commented:

"Cartoon attempting to straighten out another hijacking of the victim narrative to make it sympathetic to Islam"

...a point well made in view of the bleating that goes on in the main media spreading the message that the FIRST victim of the Bastille Day islamic terrorist attack  was a muslim woman; unproven so far, and even if it was, so what,  does that make the carnage more or less halal ? 

The Little PRINCE and the TRUCK
His name was not AYLAN but FABRICE



Milo on Trump, Hillary and Gay Conservatism

I just love listening to Milo Yiannopoulous (Jewish mother,  catholic father), for his style but also for his often profound insights, his intelligence,  his charm and his courage  to call out the nakedness of the emperor. (Unlike many of us, he does not do it from behind a keyboard, but faces the hyenas and wolves out in the open despite the death- and worse threats those who dare telling the truth  are getting  these days).

 I  would listen to his political analysis anytime before I give even a minute to the sneering 5th Column, composed (with few exceptions) of the main media , nearly all of the politicians/activists from the  Left and last, but not least  some of the "Right" ( thinking with horror of Angela Merkel who came to power -perhaps  ex-Stasi-dom- but definitely  disguised as a 'Conservative').

Milo, who was banned from Twitter for life since it has been  bought by Saudi or Qatari interests (I forget which, but they are interchangeable), has put the original meaning of "gay" back into "gay". When I listen to him I often giggle gaily away, in my straight way :) ;)


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Postcard from a Merkel-Muslim

This happened yesterday in Bavaria, Germany: 

No word on a motif ???   Oh, yes there is word on his motif !!! This time Merkel and her gang could not hide it for as long as they managed it after  the mass rapes by what the people now refer to as "rapefugees" on New Years Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin etc. 

Here is the motif from the muslim killer's mouth himself. He was one of the million plus among the  Merkel-Muslims,  an "unaccompanied 'Syrian' child refugee". He was  given "asylum" in Germany, even placed in a Foster Family and in line for an apprentice job: 

H/t for this video to Vladtepesblog, the go-to place for reliable information that official media do not like to share. And, if you want to see a brilliant example of the most screeching irony juxtaposed to the above atrocity, read the article below. 

Even though Angela Merkel has transmitted her orders (from Adolf Erdogan?) forcefully to Face Book founder,  Marc Zuckerberg, despite his best efforts  this modern-day Kapo's collaboration does not seem to satisfy  his German/Turkish  masters: 

I have shortened the article with you can read in full on Breitbart News .

"In the latest attempt to crack down on what the German government defines as “hate speech” Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas  has made it clear that he believes social media sites like Facebook are not doing enough to combat so-called “hate posts"

Mr. Maas has claimed that Facebook in particular is too slow at removing “offensive” posts by its users who criticise migrants or who make “racist” remarks. The Justice Minister has gone so far as to threaten Facebook and other social media platforms with further EU regulations if they do not take “stronger action” against “hate speech”, reports German paper Junge Freiheit.

“There is still too little, too slow and too often the wrong thing is deleted,” Mr. Maas, a member of the Social Democrat party (SPD), told German press, and claimed that the “result of your [Facebook’s] efforts remains well short of what we agreed together in the task force.”

Heiko Maas, German Justice Minister

Mr. Maas and the task force have been largely criticised after it was revealed that one of the organisations set up to help with the task force was headed by Anette Kahane, a former informant of the notorious east German domestic spy agency, the Stasi.

The real world result of the task force has been large-scale raids of the homes of German citizens who have posted comments online. Just last week 60 residences were raided by the German Federal police for what were termed as “xenophobic remarks.”

In April of this year a similar raid occurred in which nine suspects were arrested. The spokesman of the police in that case said the suspects may have just been “people who just once expressed their hate-opinion”, but were still arrested."

Below are some German folk who had not yet been fully silenced earlier this year when they left no doubt about their feelings towards this little ErdoganMerkel servant.


Monday, 18 July 2016

Groundhog day: Commiserations, Candles, Clichés:

With our normal attention span reduced these days to  that of a hummingbird on speed, you may already have moved on to newer pastures; islamists never seem to disappoint....

... and since the carnage they waged on Nice we were treated to Adolf Erdogan driving his own Islamist Killer Truck hurtling down the Autobahn over thousands of his  dissidents via what some call his own trumped-up "military coup", and just last night a Merkel Refugee attacked passengers in a train with an axe and a knife in the country that once gave us Goethe, Schiller and Heine.

But I have not done yet with the 14th July 2016  and will continue  my modest little coverage, today with this video. BlackPigeonSpeaks has published it on the 16. July, but his stuff keeps its value longer than the empty promises of our politicians, we sometimes euphemistically refer to as "our Leaders". 

Text occasionally attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville

"...The average age of the world's greatest civilisations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith; 

From spiritual faith to great courage; 

From courage to liberty; 

From liberty to abundance; 

From abundance to complacency; 

From complacency to apathy; 

From apathy to dependence; 

From dependence back into bondage."