Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Muslim Music Lessons in France

I found this video on  Riposte Laique  in an article by  Christine Tasin  of  Resistance Républicaine. This extremely brave French patriot (*) once again lifts the skirts of that so-called "religion of peace and love" and finds not very much love for the people of France, and no love whatsoever for music. She quite justifiably writes   of an incitement to hatred of the music-loving French people who are treated as pigs and apes, and of a very obvious manipulation/indoctrination of children by this "Imam of Brest". Judge for yourself: This is happening in FRANCE. 

thanks to VladTepes and Gates of Vienna for the sub-titling.

Resistance Républicaine is organising a Rally to take place this coming Saturday, 10 October, 2015, before the Town hall of Brest, in order to declare that:

"Salafism has no place in Brest" 

"The Imam Rashid Abu Houdeyfa has no place in Brest" 

and demanding: 

the closure of the Salafist mosque in Brest and the expulsion of that imam!

And now:  MUSIC MAESTRO :) 


(*) Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine are being prosecuted by The French Minister of Interieur, Bernard Cazeneuve, (who declared that "Jihad is not an offence and that evoking repeatedly  the Christian origins of France is nauseating), by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo - a former intimate "g/friend" of Pres. Hollande - who now bats quite shamelessly for Qatar, and by the Police Chief whose name I forget atm. And when we say "prosecuted before the "Justice" I am ill at ease, having seen this "Justice" in action under this Minister for Justice, Christiane Taubira.  If you are interested in those who are supposed to uphold "Justice" in France just google "Le Mur des Cons" and you will get a little idea.

Peas in a Pod:
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve
and Minister for "Justice" Christiane Taubira


Monday, 5 October 2015

Merkels "Refugees" demand Sex


Anger at what Merkel did causes me attacks of vulgarity. 

Is this why so many feminists,  compassionistas and assorted self-proclaimed "progressives" favour Arab/Muslim "Refugees" over  the safety of their own compatriotes? Did Angela Merkel have "50 Shades of Grey" style dreams about  becoming her refugees' Cougar when she facilitated - nay organised  the gang rape of European borders?

“I slept three days in hospital because of this problem.”
Reporter: “What was the problem?”
“Problem, problem problem here" (points to groin)
"Balls is very big"
Reporter: “Your balls?”
“Really. He said make sex with anyone."

Video Interview with ISIS criminals

Douglas Murray once quoted an Islamic Scholar whose name escaped me:  

"ISIS, yes they are terrorists, but they are not to be deemed heretics". 

Watching especially the first interview makes me think that this Islamic Scholar is probably far from alone thinking like this  among his coreligionists. 

Andrew Bolt the boy from that Dutch Legend?

Andrew Bolt reminds me of the Dutch Legend which has it that there once was a small boy who upon passing a dyke on his way to school noticed a slight leak as the sea trickled in through a small hole. Despite knowing that he would be in trouble if he were to be late for school, the boy stopped to poke his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water. Some time later a passerby saw him and went to get help. This came in the form of other men who were able to effect repairs on the dyke and seal up the leak. 

Andrew Bolt, also of Dutch extraction,  is in my opinion  the most courageous conservative  political commentator in Australia. Last Sunday, in his Bolt Report Editorial, while  most politicians and and the commentariat were still falling over themselves, desperately avoiding  the "M"(uslim) word and the "I"(slam) word, and were (at best) just slowly coming out of their Kamasutra-like Bretzel positions by changeing their vocabulary from "politically motivated incident" to "it could have been terrorism related", Andrew Bolt went straight in: guts,  boots and all: 

h/t to Vlad

"La Verité" 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Bibi at the UN

I like rarities like a politician with a spine who really cares for his embattled people; so  I am an unashamed fan of Israel's Prime Minister and my attention span  (usually that of a humming bird on speed) did not lapse during his whole speech. For those of you who are time poor, I transcribed a little extract of this speech below. 

(Approximately from Minute 35 to 37 in the video:)

"...The UN should finally rid itself of the obsessive bashing of Israel.  

Here's just one absurd example of this obsession: In 4 years of horrific  violence in Syria more than a quarter of a million people have lost their lives; that is  more than ten times (more than ten times)  the number of Israelis and Palestinians combined who've lost their lives in a century of conflict between us,  yet last year this Assembly adopted twenty resolutions against Israel and just one resolution about the savage slaughter in Syria. Talk about justice,  talk about    "D i s p r o p o r t i o n a l i t y"     Twenty ! Count them ! One against Twenty!   

Well frankly I'm not surprised. To borrow a line from Yogi Berra,  the late great baseball player and part-time philosopher: when it comes to the annual bashing of Israel at the UN "it's deja-vu all over again".  

Enough !  31 years after I stood here for the first time I'm still asking: when will the UN finally check its anti-Israel fanaticism   the door? When will the UN finally stop slandering Israel as a threat to peace and actually start helping Israel advance peace? And the same question should be posed to Palestinian leaders: when will  you start working with Israel to advance peace and reconciliation and stop libelling  Israel,  stop inciting hatred and violence?!...."

I don't think there is much chance of this UN leopard changing its spots anytime soon, when they have just chosen Saudi Arabia!, the most blatant human rights violator, to fatten their rotten ranks by choosing theto head the key UN "human rights" panel. I will spare you the cliché of 'pyromaniacs in charge of the fire brigade' etc... 


In his "satirical take on the week in politics", one of Australia's most witty and spot-on columnists, Rowan Dean, offers us  this take on the UN:

"...In other news this week, the United Nations released its updated list of new committee members:

UN Committee for the Protection of Schoolgirls and Teenage Hitchhikers:
J. Saville (UK), I. Milat (Aust) T. Bundy (USA) Dr B'oko Har'em (East Congo)

UN Committee for the Abolition of Illicit Narcotics:
Prof P. Escobar (Columb), Abu Poppy (Afghanistan), Ms Krystal Me'th (USA)

UN Committee for Peace with Israel:
 Mustafa Nuke (Iran) A. Eichmann (Ger) Yasir Bloodba'ath (Pal)"


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Is the West dying of an autoimmune disease?

Trying to find out what ails the "West" so much lately,  I googled:

The quick answer was: 

"Autoimmune diseases are disorders that occur when the immune response acts against the healthy tissues in the body by mistake. There are more than 80 disorders that occur due to this action, as stated by MedlinePlus."

And what they called the "Full Answer" was, quite in line with  the present Zeitgeist of short attention spans, not very long either: 

"The immune system produces antibodies that help to attack foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, toxins and other microorganisms from outside the body. However, in an autoimmune condition, the immune system cannot differentiate between healthy tissues and foreign invaders. The main cause of the condition is not known, but it has been attributed to drugs and other microorganisms. Examples of autoimmune diseases include graves' disease, type I diabetes, cardiac disease and reactive arthritis among others........."

Any similarities with Angela Merkel's "new" Germany are (im)purely coincidental, of course! 


Quote found on  Vlad's Blog: on 7. 9. 2015: 

"Europe burns fiddles for Islam while setting fire to Rome"

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Brecht Poem for Angela Merkel

"Die Lösung" (The Solution) is a famous German poem by Bertolt Brecht about the uprising of 1953 in East Germany. Written in mid-1953, it was first published in 1959. 

But, everything old is new again and, in view of her recent actions, it seems obvious to some of us that Merkel is not only a reader of Brecht, but also a  fan of his ideas. Mind you,  the irony in Brecht's final   solution  advice seems to have escaped her.

Die Lösung

Nach dem Aufstand des 17. Juni
Ließ der Sekretär des Schriftstellerverbands
In der Stalinallee Flugblätter verteilen
Auf denen zu lesen war, daß das Volk
Das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt habe
Und es nur durch verdoppelte Arbeit
zurückerobern könne. Wäre es da
Nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung
Löste das Volk auf und
Wählte ein anderes?

The Solution 

After the uprising of the 17th of June
The Secretary of the Writers' Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

(wiki translation)

Who  has deserted whom? Merkel the German People or the German People Merkel?