Saturday, 20 August 2016

Pigs and Burkinis at the beaches of Corsica

Long story short:  

Arabs (Muslims?) misinterpret the famous Churchill speech We shall fight (them) on the beaches, and overreach. 

They  occupy a small public beach on the Ile de la Beauté, as Corsica  is known, try to chase away tourists and local Corsicans by putting up road signs: "private beach". When that does not work, they start throwing stones at topless female bathers, and attack young native Corsicans with knives and machetes, deflate tires of cars. They had come "prepared" with an arsenal of weapons but when they harpoon   a young 15 year old Corsican boy it's  a bridge too far.  

Help comes via the  parents and friends of the injured youngster. When confronted with a  resistance stronger  than a child, a woman or 1 against 15, the Arabs (muslims?)  race  into their default position: victimhood. The French, taxpayer funded  "anti raaaaacist" organisations immediately go into overdrive accusing those big bad Corsicans  of  Raaaaaaacism, the state-sponsored Media immediately working  in tandem with them defaming this proud Island people, forgetting  that Napoleon was a native of Corsica and Corsicans are made of sterner stuff than Parisian Bobos

Here is the reaction of one of them: 

Thanks for the subtitling  go to Eeyore at Vlad Tepes and to Ava Lon. You can see the transcript of the video and more at the outstanding Gates of Vienna, a site I highly recommend. 

Meanwhile the "enquiry" still in its infancy, already found out the following:  

One of those "Arab victims of raaaaacism" was illegally in France, he has now "disappeared", another one - of the same family is "not unknown  to the police" (euphemism for a known criminal), and the quickly assembled "witnesses" (such as a supposed "sister of one of the poor Arab VICTIMS")  were lying through their teeth to the complicit media. 

One thing coming out of this attack on Corsicans (not the first attack either) by Arabs,  is that even non-Corsican mayors are coming out in favour of banning "burkinis" from French beaches, both - the burkinis and the bans just being symbolic of something bigger and geopolitically nastier. The usual manipulators have now turned this into a polemic against  "Islamophobia" - while I think that the reaction of Corsicans (as seen above)  is one of the West's best hopes not to be turned into an asylum ruled by Sharia. 

And now to some suggestions  of how to counter the islamic invasion of  our beaches:

Danielle Borer from the outstandingly courageous Riposte Laique  has some interesting suggestions:  She writes: 

Amis Corses, vous ne voulez plus que les burkinis fleurissent sur vos plages ? Vous en avez assez du communautarisme ? Vous ne voulez plus être exposés à un truc aussi bizarre que ce que l’on voit sur la photo ci-dessous ?

Corsican Friends, you don't want burkinis to flourish on your beaches? You've had enough of the sectarianism? You don't want to be exposed any longer to a thing as bizarre as seen on the photo below? 

J’ai trouvé, pour vous, la solution idéale, car en voyageant sur votre belle île, j’ai constaté que les cochons sauvages étaient légions.
I've found the ideal solution for you because, travelling on your beautiful island, I found that wild pigs were legion

Que vous vous promeniez dans la Castagniccia, que vous redescendiez du col de Bavella en direction de Solenzara, que vous traversiez la forêt de Vizzavona, que vous vous arrêtiez au col de Palmente, partout vous rencontrerez le fier cochon corse.

Whether you walk in the Castagniccia, or you descend the Bavella pass towards Solenzara, or you cross the forest of Vizzavona stopping at Palmente, everywhere you meet the proud Corsican pig.

Alors m’est venue une idée : comme les cochons adorent nager, emmenez-les donc, par camions entiers, sur toutes les plages corses pour qu’ils se baignent et, bingo, tous vos problèmes seront résolus ! Les cochons seront heureux et les baigneurs n’auront plus à craindre de se retrouver face à un sac poubelle flottant.

So I came up with the following idea: as pigs love to swim, take them, by the truckload,  onto all Corsican beaches bath them and, bingo, all your problems will be solved! The pigs will be happy and swimmers will no longer have to fear to be faced with a floating garbage bag.

Mieux encore. Faites des élevages et vendez ces braves bêtes pour qu’elles s’éclatent sur les plages françaises, italiennes, espagnoles, portugaises. Cela boostera le commerce de l’île de beauté et vous rendrez un service inestimable à nous autres continentaux.

Better still: Start farming them and sell these brave beasts so they spread onto the beaches of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. This will boost the trade for your Island of Beauty and you will render us other continentals an invaluable service .

Et comme j’adore votre pays, que j’adore les animaux , que j’ai de bonnes notions médicales, je viendrai volontiers prêter main forte pour vous aider aux accouchements des cochonnes.
Je me réjouis déjà.

And as I adore your country, and as I love animals, and as I have a good medical knowledge, I will gladly lend a hand to help with the deliveries of the piglettas.

I look very much forward to it.

Pour finir de vous convaincre, je vous propose de regarder ce documentaire tourné aux Bahamas :

In case you need more convincing I suggest you watch this documentary filmed in the Bahamas:

Quote of the week - I lost the source sorry -  from somewhere in America: 

"If Clinton wins, I'm moving to Corsica" 

3 postcards from the Olympics

(; Ohne Worte ;)


Friday, 19 August 2016

They exploit AND behead children, dont they...

And so the exploitation of children continues, unabashed and unashamed. Little Aylan Kurdi has served his purpose, so the media and certain vested interests  need new fodder...

h/t Eeyore

...have they even  given a name to this little boy yet?


23. August 2016 Australian Time

Having been hectored as to my "unworthy" cynicism which must have been the cause to make  me  post the above picture with "that" caption, I was going to post....not quite an apology, but an explanation for this post, stressing that, in no way did I want to take away from the horror faced by this child, but that I had only wanted to explicitly disapprove of the exploitation by the media of children and that, if any child photo screamed out: "EXPLOITATION" this one did to me. That was  confirmed even further when,  watching the video I saw the person, deposing the child on the chair, was surrounded by cameras and by cries of "allah-u-akbar" forming the background of what, by then, had undoubtedly become a photo/video opportunity heavily pregnant with propagandist possibilities. 

And then I  saw this video chez Vlad Tepes


Friday, 12 August 2016

Boycott Halal

I have just come out of a major Sydney Hospital, not usually the perfect place for relaxation, but for added stress they actually imposed Sharia Law on every patient who wanted to eat by serving nearly exclusively HALAL food  and that in a country whose muslim population is, officially, only about 2 %. It made me sick and that pun - if it qualifies as pun - is intended: 

Halal jam, Halal butter, Halal milk, Halal yoghourt, Halal honey. I wonder how long before that hospital will have to change its traditional Christian Name to a more Halal sounding one like "St. Mohamed Hospital".  

"I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore"



For more  information about Halal click here

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Israel is fighting YOUR war, stupid Europe !!!

Mysteriously, or perhaps not so mysteriously so many YouTubes, facebook- and twitter posts etc critical of Islamic terrorism seem to have disappered into whereever these organisations or their rulers go to hide their political bias, while the most vile  Jew-hating postings (less and less  hiding behind the increasingly transparent  fig leaf of "wedonothateJewswejusthateIsrael") seem allowed to proliferate like invasive weeds on a fertile  dungheap. 

And so it went with  a number of videos from this blog. I had a few which pointed towards Israel as the 'canary in the mine' and Israel fighting the war for Europeans - gone.

Well here are a few thousand words if the rule "A Picture = A Thousand words" holds true, that tell the same story, very effectively I think: Are you listening France? Germany? Ireland? etc...

I let Pat Condell have the last word: 

"Europe's Last Chance"



Thursday, 4 August 2016

Media Lullabies

Don't mention the I-word (English)

Pas d'Amalgame (French)

Wir schaffen das schon (Merkel-German)


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Pure Islam

Obama, Clinton, Pope Francis, Hollande, Merkel and their ilk  would not like you to watch this video. What is described in it, they say, "has nothing to do with Islam":

However, Black Pigeon,  who in my opinion is pretty good at presenting reality checks,  obviously  wants you to see this video and who am I to deprive you of  well sourced and documented information, fearlessly presented, since knowledge is power as the saying goes. 

The video is 15 minutes long, but if you want intelligent  and informative entertainment,  then these 15 minutes are worth a thousand  of watching Pope Francis indulge in his favorite fetish of snogging the feet (and sometimes higher up)  of non-Catholics. 

It also includes an ...ahem... post-mortem  of the just ended 2016 Ramadan, celebrated by leading Western Salespeople of "pure Islam" e.g.  the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo or the new(ish) Australian Prime Minister, Malcom Turnbull (Andrew Bolt wrote about it)  with a generous lavishness that could have sprung directly from the pages of   One Thousand and One Nights