Monday, 17 February 2014

Why Aldo Sterone does not attack the Jews

I make no secret of my deep contempt for  the nauseating anti-semitism that seems to have infected so many people, even soi-disant "civilised" folk, nor am I hiding my deep disgust at the defamatory demonisation of Israel.  My motivation other than just a minimum of common human decency comes also from the fact that I am German; I will write more about this later.

But here is someone whose "not running with the pack" is more surprising.  Aldo Sterone posts some very thought provoking videos and I have become a fan. I don't know him, but from what I gather, he is an Algerian nationalist, (Arab?), and so I would not have expected his amazing fairness to extend to the Jews. Yet, it does, and here he gives his reasons that are as pragmatic as they are "emotionally intelligent" to use the jargon of some trendoits: 


Someone once said that, if the heart could sing, it would sound like the Cello. 
 I think, if it could sing AND dance it would sound like this beautiful piece of music.

Let it caress your soul:




  1. On ya Rita, again.

    I'm snitching both videos for the Joint

  2. Good for you, they deserve being heard widely! - as they say here "entre gens du meme goût on se comprend" ;)